Sunday, January 2, 2011


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Below is my cake class schedule. If you plan to sign up or have already signed up please send me an email -

Decorating Basics - This is the beginner course, you will need to take this in order to take the other courses. Starts January 11th ~ 6:30-8:30. Please sign up at customer service and ask for a supply sheet. The 4-week course will be $22.50. You will need a student Decorating Basics kit along with a few other supplies.

Gumpaste & Fondant - In this course you will learn the basics of working with fondant, how to cover a cake and how to make 3D flowers using the gumpaste/fondant mix. This course starts January 13th ~ 6:30-8:30. $22.50 for the entire 4-week course. Please sign up at cust. service and ask for a supply sheet. Please email once you have signed up.


I am offering a Decorating Basics course starting January 21st ~ 10:00-12:00. Please email me once you have signed up!

Project classes:

TALL CAKES!!!! January 16th (Sunday) 1:00-4:00~ You will learn how to stack and transport cakes. Its $20 plus supplies. You will need to ask for a supply sheet when you sign up and also send me an email.

New cakes:

Please check out my web site: ~ Unfortunately I have not been able to update the site for some time now due to technical problems with piczo, I am in the process of creating a new web site and I will let you all know when I have it up and running.

I hope everyone had a super sweet holiday season and I will see you all in class soon!!!


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