Tuesday, October 26, 2010

November/December Cake Classes

Hi Cakers!! Golly it's been a LONG time huh? Between tennis elbow and computers crashing I feel like I'm SOOO out of the loop! From all the emails I have been getting I think you are all ready for some classes!!!!!

I have postponed the beginner course (Decorating Basics) until November 8th (Monday nights 6:30 - 8:30). Please see WAAAYYY down below for the info on all the new Course Classes ~ Decorating Basics ~ Gumpaste and Fondant ~ Flowers. You must take the beginner course before you can take any other courses.

I also want to get some feedback on daytime classes. I am available during the daytime thru the week, is anyone interested????? I only need 4 students to teach a class. Please send me an email at gsoave@aol.com and let me know!!!

Classes coming up:

Nov. 8th - Decorating Basics - 50% off - $22.50 for the entire 4 week class. You must sign up at customer service at Michaels Hilltop. PLEASE email me once you have signed up, I have a few additions to the supply sheet.

BUTTERCREAM!!!!! Its coming up NOVEMBER 14th!! Sunday from 3:30-5:30. Learn how I get my cakes SOOOO smooth! It's by far my most popular class!!!! I randomly choose a beginner person to stand up with me and ice the cake right along with me just to show everyone how simple it really is!!!! You leave with a step by step picture tutorial and oodles of knowledge on how to get your cakes SOOOOOOO smooth!!!! This class will also be taught in early December..... no supplies, just pay $15 at customer service and show up!! NO PRIOR CAKE EXPERIENCE NEEDED!!! YEP, FER REAL!!!!

I will also be doing some project classes on sundays in December, please let me know what project classes you would like to see taught. I'm up for anything!!!! It's only $15 per project class plus all your supplies.
My recent cake photos were unfortunately lost when my computer crashed, but I was able to save all my other photos on my external hard drive ~ WHEW! Hopefully my daughter can figure out how to get my pictures from facebook onto my blog.....thank God for children that have computer knowledge!!! :-) So maybe on the next blog you can see Yoda with the Wild Turkey bottles and the huge 3D baby crib!!!
Don't forget to check out my web site: http://www.notjustcake.piczo.com/

Here is a cake I will be doing for our baseball party on saturday, I think the boys will love it!!!!!!
Recipe for the finger cookies is below.

Here's the recipe for the finger cookies. Once you have made the dough and chilled it then you just shape the dough into finger long shapes, use a knife to cut the slit marks for the knuckles, bake them just like the recipe, take them out and put some red piping gel on the tips and put on a sliced almonds (you buy them sliced at the store). I also paint mine with some watered down brown Wilton coloring with a paint brush to make them look dirty. HOW GROSS!!!!!!!!!!

You all have a SWEET Halloween and be safe out there!!!!

Yer cake pal,