Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Hello Sugar Pals!! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the BLIZZARD!!! We are still trying to dig out!!! Wanted to give you my January Beginner class schedule.

I will be adding more info and classes soon so please stay tuned!

Decorating Basics Course - 4-week class - $22.50 - Starts Janaury 11th - 6:30 to 8:30 each tuesday night. Please sign up at Customer Service and ask for a supply sheet. Please email me once you have signed up for the class so that I can send you info for the class. I will not have any sign up info in the books until after this Friday.

Coming in January....... Tall Cakes! Learn how to stack your cakes and transport them!!!

Flowers and Cake Design - learn how to make fondant and royal icing flowers along with the popular Basketweave!

Gumpaste and Fondant Course - Learn all the basics of decorating your cake with fondant and gumpaste!

I'll be in touch with all the dates and details soon!

Have a wonderful New Years and please don't forget to check out my web site: http://www.notjustcake.piczo.com/

Have a sweet Holiday!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Hello Cake People!! Here are the classes coming up!!!

PLEASE NOTE!!!! The Buttercream class scheduled for November 14th has been moved to November 21st - 3:30-5:30!!! Please get in quick to sign up, its only $15. NO SUPPLIES!!! I will also be doing a demo from 1:00-3:00, it's free and you get to watch me decorate a cake!!!

December Classes:

Flowers and Cake Design - DECEMBER 1, 8, 15 and 22nd. 6:00-8:00pm - Please note the time will be 6:00 rather than the usual 6:30! In this class we will learn fondant flowers, basketweave, and other icing techniques. This class will be $22.50 for the entire 4 weeks, plus supplies. The class descriptions are below (way down below!)

December 19th 1:00-4:00- Shoe Box and High Heel Shoe! I'm working on the tutorial for this class right now! Please let me know in advance if you plan to sign up for this class, I will get the supply sheet to you via email before you sign up so that you can pick up all your supplies. This class is going to be a 3 hour class and there will be pre-homework before class.

BUTTERCREAM CLASS - December 19th 11:00-1:00. Come watch how I get my cakes SOOO smooth, you will leave with a step by step picture tutorial and the recipe for this delish icing - It tastes just like the center of an oreo cookie!!!! YUM! Class is $15, please sign up at customer service!

You all have a great Turkey Day and I will see you in class soon!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

November/December Cake Classes

Hi Cakers!! Golly it's been a LONG time huh? Between tennis elbow and computers crashing I feel like I'm SOOO out of the loop! From all the emails I have been getting I think you are all ready for some classes!!!!!

I have postponed the beginner course (Decorating Basics) until November 8th (Monday nights 6:30 - 8:30). Please see WAAAYYY down below for the info on all the new Course Classes ~ Decorating Basics ~ Gumpaste and Fondant ~ Flowers. You must take the beginner course before you can take any other courses.

I also want to get some feedback on daytime classes. I am available during the daytime thru the week, is anyone interested????? I only need 4 students to teach a class. Please send me an email at gsoave@aol.com and let me know!!!

Classes coming up:

Nov. 8th - Decorating Basics - 50% off - $22.50 for the entire 4 week class. You must sign up at customer service at Michaels Hilltop. PLEASE email me once you have signed up, I have a few additions to the supply sheet.

BUTTERCREAM!!!!! Its coming up NOVEMBER 14th!! Sunday from 3:30-5:30. Learn how I get my cakes SOOOO smooth! It's by far my most popular class!!!! I randomly choose a beginner person to stand up with me and ice the cake right along with me just to show everyone how simple it really is!!!! You leave with a step by step picture tutorial and oodles of knowledge on how to get your cakes SOOOOOOO smooth!!!! This class will also be taught in early December..... no supplies, just pay $15 at customer service and show up!! NO PRIOR CAKE EXPERIENCE NEEDED!!! YEP, FER REAL!!!!

I will also be doing some project classes on sundays in December, please let me know what project classes you would like to see taught. I'm up for anything!!!! It's only $15 per project class plus all your supplies.
My recent cake photos were unfortunately lost when my computer crashed, but I was able to save all my other photos on my external hard drive ~ WHEW! Hopefully my daughter can figure out how to get my pictures from facebook onto my blog.....thank God for children that have computer knowledge!!! :-) So maybe on the next blog you can see Yoda with the Wild Turkey bottles and the huge 3D baby crib!!!
Don't forget to check out my web site: http://www.notjustcake.piczo.com/

Here is a cake I will be doing for our baseball party on saturday, I think the boys will love it!!!!!!
Recipe for the finger cookies is below.

Here's the recipe for the finger cookies. Once you have made the dough and chilled it then you just shape the dough into finger long shapes, use a knife to cut the slit marks for the knuckles, bake them just like the recipe, take them out and put some red piping gel on the tips and put on a sliced almonds (you buy them sliced at the store). I also paint mine with some watered down brown Wilton coloring with a paint brush to make them look dirty. HOW GROSS!!!!!!!!!!

You all have a SWEET Halloween and be safe out there!!!!

Yer cake pal,

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hello Cake Pals! I'm so excited to start teaching Wilton's latest project class - TALL CAKES!!!! WOO HOO I have a few of those coming up, the cost is $20 per class and they run about 3 hours long. You will need to sign up at customer service at Michaels Hilltop, make sure you ask for a supply sheet for ALL classes. Once you have signed up please email me in case I have more instructions before class starts.

Don't forget to check out my web site, I will be updating it soon with new photos: http://www.notjustcake.piczo.com/

Project Classes and Course Classes for September:

September 12th:

10:30-12:30 DEMO: HOW TO COVER A CAKE IN FONDANT! Learn how to cover a basic cake in fondant, its a demo and ITS FREE!!!!! I will be out on the floor demonstrating, come on in and watch!


I show you how to get your cakes SO smooth they look like fondant!

From this:

To this!

September 12th: Wine Crate Class: 3:30-5:30 - this is a 2 week class! $20, ask for a supply sheet. EVERYTHING IS EDIBLE!!!!!! There is no need for a description, this cake speaks for itself! I entered a cake decorating contest last year and I WON FIRST PLACE!!!

SEPTEMBER 19th: TALL CAKES!!!! PINK TALL CAKE - 12:00-3:00 - $20. How exciting! Wilton has a new project class and this is one of the many Tall Cakes we will be doing this year!!! This is a really SMALL cake believe it or not, only 8, 6 and 4 inch tiers, so no worries that its too much cake, come join us to learn how to stack - Please note: this is NOT a topsy turvy class, the tiers will all be "normal". Topsy Turvy classes are in October!
You must have taken a fondant class or have some fondant knowledge in order to sign up for this one! There will be homework BEFORE class!!! Please email me after you sign up!
See, its not so big!
September 19th WEEK 2 of the Wine Crate - 3:30-5:30 - we will complete our wine crate and it will look like this!

COURSE CLASS: Flowers and Cake Design: Monday September 20th 6:30-8:30. This is a 4 week course and you will learn fondant flowers, basketweave, royal icing and more! Please sign up at customer service, the 4 week course is 40% off this month (so around $29 for the entire 4 weeks!). You will need a Course kit along with some extra supplies. Please email me once you have signed up for this course.

September 26th: Shoe Box with High Heel Shoe - 1:00-4:00 - 2 WEEK CLASS! Learn how to make this 3D shoe box with tissue paper and a womens size high heel!!! Class is $20 plus supplies. Get in quick to sign up for this one, it's a winner!!!!

The cake is the crib!

Thanks to Dr. Gershon for fixing my tennis elbow!! After muscle shots, cortisone shots and countless physical therapy visits I think I'm almost back to normal!!!!! He loved the cake, it was Key Lime!

A big thanks to Holly Becker! She was my physical therapist that fixed me right on up!! Also Key Lime - my most requested cake!!!!

Have a sweet month, stay tuned for October Classes coming up!! If you have a class that you want to take or a class you would like to see on the books please let me know!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hello Cakers!!! Just wanted to give you my latest schedule for August and September cake classes. Please sign up at Michaels customer service and don't forget to ask for a supply sheet, we start decorating the very first night of class!!!!!!! My web site: http://www.notjustcake.piczo.com/

Beginner Course: Decorating Basics starts August 12th - 6:30-8:30
I will also be teaching a this same course September 16th 6:30-8:30 (4 week class)
This is a 4 week class and you pay only $22.50 for the entire course (all 4 classes included). Please ask for your supply sheet when you pay for your class. You will learn all the basics of cake decorating, how to make your icing, how to ice your cake, writing, roses, borders and more!
Buttercream Class: Sunday August 15th - 3:30-5:30 $15.00 ~ Learn how I get my cakes SOOO smooth, they look like they are covered in fondant. This is a demo only so there are no supplies, you will need to pay at customer service and just show up. I will demonstrate how to make this special icing and show you how to ice the cake - you will leave not only with your jaw on the floor but with the recipe and a step by step color tutorial so that you can do this technique at home!!! woo hoo


WOW, this one too!!!

And look what I did with it!!!!

August 24th Gumpaste and Fondant Course - 4 week class - Learn the basics of working with fondant, how to cover a cake in fondant, how to make gumpaste flowers, gumpaste bows. This is a 4 week course the cost is $22.50, please ask for a supply sheet at customer service when you sign up. The class will fill up quickly since I am only taking 10 students so get in soon to get a spot!!!!

Now onto the recipe part of the blog - hmm..... what shall I share today..... since its still summer I will bet this will be a HUGE hit at your next pool party (adults only!!) KEY LIME PIE MARTINI!!!!!! Its my fav and it tastes JUST LIKE a key lime pie!!!!!!
I have not been doing a lot of cakes this summer but here is one that was SOOO much fun to do!!! After 2 sets of braces my son Adam finally got them off for good - I have been waiting YEARS to do this cake!!!!! Thanks to Drs. Savage, Sabol and Visser for perfecting my sons smile, it'll last a lifetime, but the cake didn't!!!!!!!

You all have a great remainder of the summer, stay cool and sweet! See ya in class soon!!!

Here is my web site for all my fun cakes, if there are any cakes that you would like to learn how to make please let me know and I can try and put it on the calendar!!


Happy baking,

Monday, June 28, 2010


Please see below for new Cake Classes coming up!!!!

Hi Sugar Friends! Below is my cake schedule for July. I will not be doing any project classes in July due to my bum arm and vacation schedules. If there are any project classes that interest you please let me know and I can possibly fit them on the calendar for August. Have a fun summer and I will see you in class!!

Don't forget there are ALL NEW Wilton courses, so if you have already taken the old courses you just might want to hop on into the new courses to learn some new stuff!!
July 20th - Tuesdays - 4 weeks - Beginner Basics. Learn how to ice a cake smooth, write on your cake, the ribbon rose and many other beginner techniques. We will also learn how to decorate on cookies (the first night!!) and how to fill and decorate cupcakes on the 2nd night and the last 2 nights we will learn how to ice and decorate cakes!!!! $22.50 for the entire 4 week course! Sign up at Michaels customer Service.

July 21st - Gumpaste and Fondant - Wednesdays - 4 weeks. Learn how to make the cute package cake with a fondant bow on top, learn how to cover a cake in fondant, fondant flowers etc.... $22.50 for the entire 4 week course! Sign up at Michaels customer service.
Once you have signed up for ANY class or course please send me an email at: gsoave@aol.com so that I can send you class info, supply sheets etc.....
Hope to see you all in class!!!

Don't forget to check out my cake web site: www.notjustcake.piczo.com

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hello Sugar Pals! WOW do I have some sweet news from Wilton – WE HAVE ALL NEW CLASSES coming up in June!!! We have FREE 2011 YEARBOOKS to all students that sign up for the Course classes (project classes not included). We are offering 50% off all the Courses in June as well!!!!

My web site: http://www.notjustcake.piczo.com/

There are new cake photos below, other classes I’m offering and some fun cake tips and a yummy recipe!

Decorating Basics: 4 week course starts Monday June 7th – 6:30-8:30 - Please sign up at Michaels Customer Service

The Wilton Method® Decorating Basics Course is the perfect place to start! Your Instructor will show you the right way to decorate, step by step, so that you experience the excitement of successfully decorating your first cake in a Wilton Method Course. You’ll understand how to bake a great cake, see how to make and color icing and learn the best way to ice the cake. You will also practice the three fundamentals of decorating, enabling you to approach each technique the right way for great results. Along the way, you’ll learn to create icing drop flowers, rosettes, shells, pompom flowers, leaves, shaggy mums, and the ribbon rose. You’ll also decorate cookies, cupcakes … and of course cakes!

Flowers and Cake Design: 4 week course starts Wednesday June 9th – 6:30-8:30 – Please sign up at Michaels Customer service-

Flowers and Cake Design is one of two additional courses you can choose; the sequence doesn’t matter. In Flowers and Cake Design, you’ll explore sophisticated ways to bring your cakes and desserts to life! Your Wilton Method Instructor will teach you to create breathtaking icing flowers such as pansies, lilies and the famous Wilton Rose. Then, you’ll discover the secrets of arranging them in a beautifully balanced cake-top bouquet. Your amazing flowers will be framed by an impressive boarder treatment or basketweave design. With the skills you learn here and your ability to make flowers in advance using gum paste and fondant or royal icing, you can create beautiful blooms at your convenience, ready to place on any cake.

GUMPASTE AND FONDANT- 4 week course – Starts Friday June 11th – 6:30-8:30 – Please sign up at Michaels Customer Service -

Gum Paste and Fondant is one of two additional courses you can choose; the sequence doesn’t matter. In Gum Paste and Fondant you’ll discover one of the most exciting and satisfying ways to decorate a cake. Your Wilton Method Instructor will lead you every step of the way as you create amazing handshaped flowers, beautiful borders and bold accents using these easy-to-shape icings. As you learn each technique – an artful bow, mum, rose, carnation, calla lily, rosebud, daisy, and embellished borders – you’ll be closer to your crowning achievement: A Final Course Cake that showcases your skills. The confidence you’ll gain as you decorate with gum paste and fondant will enable you to create cakes that will add excitement to your family celebrations for years to come.

Once you have signed up the cashier will staple your receipt to your supply sheet for the class . You will need to detach the bottom portion of your supply list and attach a copy of your registration recipe and submit it according to the directions on the form.

Classes coming up in MAY~ SIGN UP REALLY SOON TO GET A SPOT!!!!!

Saturday May 22nd there will be a demo from 1:00-3:00 and I will be demonstrating some of the new techniques that will be taught in the new courses.

Saturday May 22nd I will be teaching the Coconut Cake. There are still a few more spots available so please get in quick to get a spot!! Cost is $15 plus supplies.

I’m OFFERING ANOTHER BUTTERCREAM CLASS!!!!! WOO HOO It’s a popular one for sure!!!! Come in and see how I get my cakes SO SMOOTH!!!! I will be offering this class Sunday May 23rd from 12;30-2;30. Please email me once you have signed up! gsoave@aol.com I will also offer it June 27th from 3;30-5:30.

WOW CHECK OUT HOW SMOOTH!!!!! Almost resembles a fondant covered cake!

Recipe of the Month – EVERYONE’S FAV!!!!

Here are some recent cake photos: Gotta say the car “takes the cake”. It was HUGE and probably one of my biggest cake challenges yet!! Wanna know what went into doing this cake? Welp, countless hours on the internet printing detailed photos, bugging the client with mundane questions, researching at the library, going to Hobby Town to purchase a model (which they did not have), purchasing the Barbie remote control car to get an idea of how to carve the cake, and endless nights sculpting all the seats, steering wheel, gear shifts, etc….. How much would YOU charge for this cake???? Jeff, please tell your dad HAPPY 60th I’m sure he totally LOVED you for giving him the party AND especially the cake and he would really love love love you if he knew how much you paid!!!! Tee hee hee

And here is a cute car I made as a sample just to see if I could pull off the big one, the client loved it so I knew if he liked the small sample he would LOVE LOVE the big one – HUGE load lifted off me when I showed him the smaller sample one!!! My daughter had SO much fun taking it to school and sharing it with her friends!

This is a cassette tape cake, SO adorable!!!

If you sign up for any of my classes please send me an email and let me know: gsoave@aol.com

If you have taken any of my classes and would like to fill out the student survey here is the link: I do not see any of your comments and I believe it is anonymous.


Please check me out on my web site for all my cake creations: http://www.notjustcake.piczo.com/

You all have a sweet week and I will see you in class soon!!! Don’t forget to sign up to be a follower on my new blog!!!!

Happy Decorating!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hello Cake People!!! Below is my calendar for May. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE~~~ if you plan to take ANY classes plan to sign up early. SO many classes have been canceled due to lack of students. You must sign up at Michaels Customer Service Hilltop, then please send me an email letting me know that you have signed up. THANK YOU!!! :-)

Buttercream class - THIS Monday night the 19th - 6:30-8:30 - Learn how I get my cakes SO SMOOTH! You come in and watch and you leave with my recipe, my picture tutorial and a HUGE smile!!! Cost is $15, this class will go forward, it has the minimum number of students signed up. ANYONE can take this class, even if you have not taken any course classes yet. no supplies.



Course 1 - Beginner class - Monday May 3rd - 6:30-8:30
You will learn the basics of cake decorating. After this course you can take ANY project class and any other Course classes offered. There are lots of people waiting for this class so get in early before it fills up!!! Cost is $22.50 (which is half off!)

This is a 4-week class, no supplies for the first night, I will show and tell you what to purchase. But if you see a Course 1 kit around you may want to grab it!!!!

Course 2 - Flowers and More! Tuesday May 4th - 6:30-8:30
You will learn how to make the most adorable royal icing flowers and the popular basketweave!!!! If you are brave you can sign up for both a Course 1 AND Course 2!!!

May 16th - Flip Flops - 1:00-3:00 - HOW FUN!!! All buttercream with some fondant and candy accents. Cost for class is $15 - please email me so that I can send you the supply sheet!

Sunday's May 16th and May 23rd - 3;30-5:30 - Learn how to make this fun cake in just 2 weeks! You MUST have completed at least a course 1 in order to take this class!!! The cost of this class is $20, please email me so that I can send you the supply sheet.

Round version:

square version:

Check out the happiness with this student!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job Rebecca!!!!

May 22nd - Wilton Demo - 1:00-3:00
May 22nd - 3:30-5:30 - COCONUT CAKE!!!!! This is SO summer time! Its easy, fun and YUMMY!!!! Class is $15, please email me once you have signed up so that I can send you the supply sheet.

That is all the classes for this month, I hope to see you all in class soon, if there are any classes you would like to see on the calendar please send me an email and I will try and get it on the books!!

I hope you all have a sweet month!

OOPS, almost forgot the recipe of the month!!!!! HOLY MOLY, these are knock your socks off DELISH and they are out of this world!!!!!! I have given this recipe out before but since I have over 100 more newbies getting my emails, thought I would share again and this will remind you "oldies" that its time to get out the Enchilada baking dish!!!

Ginger’s Chicken Enchiladas
1 medium chicken-cooked and de-boned
1 med onion chopped
2 lb. box Velvetta Mexican cheese-melted
1 pt. whipping cream
½ stick Parkay margarine
1 can Rotel tomatoes-chopped
1- 12 count pkg flour tortillas

Saute onions in margarine. Melt cheese and whipping cream. Stir until well blended. Add Rotel.
Dice chicken and place in flour tortillas and roll up. Place in baking dish. Pour sauce over tortillas and cover with foil. Bake at 325 degrees until hot and bubbly.

TIP of the month: HMMMM......let's see....... I don't really have a tip but I have some favorite websites to pass along..... for all you weight watcher pals out there: http://www.hungrygirl.com/ She just put a new cookbook out last month and I LOVE HER!!!! The recipes are wonderful, you would never know the recipes are actually good for you and low in points - check her out!!

Another Fav for my weight watcher pals: http://www.dwlz.com/ - she has TONS of restaurants listed with ALL their points on the menu. Did you know that at Moe's (one of my fav places-hi GARY-Moe's owner on providence road) has weight watcher friendly meals. The homewrecker may wreck your hips but there are lots of other choices that fall within my points budget!!! So check out DWLZ, Dotti's the best!!!!

Don't forget to check out my website~ http://www.notjustcake.piczo.com/ I have a shout box on there-give me a shout sometime!!!!
Oh, just one more little thing - A BIG HUGE HUG to my daughter Hollie - Yer the BEST!!! What a HUGE HUGE honor to be Top Gull at her school!!!!

This is the display at her school, she was TOTALLY surprised and I had to choose all her favorite things for the display case. I think I did ok!!