Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hi Cake Peeps!!! WOW time has gotten away from me, I have been baking cakes like a crazy woman -- AND TEACHING!! I just wanted to give everyone my new cake schedule, my classes have been SO jam packed that I have to turn people away!!!! So if you are interested in taking a class please sign up NOW!!!!!  Here is my web site.....   Also, if you want to order a cake I am now booking for February!!!

PARTY CAKES N THINGS CLASSES - Kempsville 420-5628

November 19th 4:30-6:30 and Nov. 20th 4:00-6:00 (2 part class) for both classes...$25 . Learn how to make gumpaste Poinsettia's.  The Poinsettia cutters will be sold at party cakes n things. There will be other supplies necessary for the class, once you sign up they will give you a supply sheet. you can now sign up online!!! Please email me once you have signed up. I can only take 7 people for this class!!!!

January 9th - Course 3 - Fondant and Gumpaste -4 week class 6:30-8:30 taught at the michaels at hilltop, you must go in to sign up for these classes. I believe the cost will be $22.50 for the entire 4 week class. Learn the basics of working with fondant and gumpaste. Learn how to cover a cake in fondant as well as how to make gumpaste flowers and attach them to your cake.  This is a great class to introduce yourself to fondant and GP, I recommend this class before taking any of my advanced classes!!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE............ INTRODUCTING THE NEW COURSE 4 coming to Michaels in February!!!!!  GET IN QUICK TO GET A SPOT!!!! I'm SOOOOOO excited about this new course!! I will be teaching this class February 6th 6:30-8:30, its also a 4 week class and here's the new kit!!!!!!! You will need this among other supplies to take the class, you will need to sign up in michaels and ask for a supply sheet. I can only take 12 in this class so hop on it!!!!

There are also some specials running for the Wilton classes at Michaels.  Here's a message from Wilton regarding the new promotions.....
Exciting December Class Promotion – Buy the Ultimate Decorating Set and get 3 Free Classes!

· We are so excited to announce another special class offer at Michaels. During the week of 12/4-12/10, Michaels will offer the Ultimate Decorating Set at a special price - $189.99 - PLUS 3 Free Wilton Classes! When customers purchase the Ultimate Decorating Set, they will receive a coupon book that includes vouchers for the 3 free classes – they can use them for themselves or give them as a gift.

· Please note that the kit will be at a special price, so a Michaels store coupon cannot be used in addition to this offer. The free class vouchers will be valid on any Wilton 4-week or Project Class, and can be used through June 2012. ****************************************************
So....... are you ready for some CAKE DECORATING!!!!!!

Here are some recent cakes that I have done:

This is me with COLETTE PETERS!!!! MY CAKE HERO! She is on the Food Network Cake Challenges and she also judges the cakes, I was SOOO honored to meet her!!!

I was very proud of this was a 24 hour notice cake!!! So I had literally a day to do it! She paid dearly for the short notice too!

ok..... I entered the cake show and came in second place to the baby in the photo below..... ok...... she did a great job carving but I have to say "I GOT ROBBED"!!!!!! anyone agree????? I learned something on this day..... NEVER assume anything... I just KNEW I was going to take home ANOTHER blue ribbon.... welp,,,,,, nope,,,,,,, its a red 2nd place one..... :-(
Ok.... NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER let a limo driver put a 4 tiered cake in the front seat and expect it to stay in place!!!! This one FELL OVER.... totally not my fault but I felt SUPER bad when the client told me what had happened.  I offered to give some money back, but she very nicely declined. I offered to deliver it to the ODU game but she was fine taking it, she had no clue the limo driver put it in the front seat!!!
Eyeball class I taught

UGG BOOT class I taught!!!

COWBOY HAT/JEANS and BOOTS Class I taught!
This lady is BETH PARVU!!! She invented all the CRYSTAL COLORS, which are the luster dust colors we use to color our flowers!!! I LOVE HER!!!!!!!
This is the poinsettia that I did, i will be teaching a class on this Nov. 19th and 20th.
This is my new cake friend BECCA!  She got to meet BUDDY!!! He was here last week and Buddy sent a limo to pick up Becca at her home AND she got to meet him before the show AND she got to go up on stage with him!!!!!!  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!
I hope you all have a great cake month, a great Thanksgiving holiday and please check my cake blog often in case I have updates. Also, don't forget to check my website every now and then   I also have a facebook page: The Icing on the Cake, just search for it on facebook and please like my page!!!!!
have a sweet day!

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