Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hi Cake Friends!  Please see the below info on my new classes coming up.  Don't forget to check out my web site for new cakes that I have been doing the past few months!!!!!!  Also down way below are my latest cake photos

Beginner Cake Decorating:  Course 1 starts October 3rd 6:30-8:30 I am teaching this class at Michaels.  Its a 4 week class, learn the basics of cake decorating.  The cost is under $25 for the entire 4 weeks!!!

PARTY CAKES N THINGS CLASSES - Located in Kempsville.

October 16th:  Bloody Eyeball:  1:00-3:00 Cost: $20 plus supplies. You will need to go onto Party cakes web site or you can go into the store to pay:

October 16th and 23rd: Gumpaste Lily Class - 3:30-6:30 2 weeks ($30 for both weeks) learn how to make these LOVELY flowers, I will show you how to make them, color them and/or airbrush them!!!!  You will need to pay either online or thru party cakes n things.  We may also do some fantasy flowers as well (photo below)

If there is a class you would like me to teach please let me know!!

Here are some fun cakes that I have done recently: I believe if you click the photo they will be much easier to see:

these are my new CAKE SHOTS!!!!!  They are in a plastic shot glass and OH MY GOODIES they are delish, especially the ones with real shots in them!!!!!  $3 per shot!
Grooms cake:  HOW FUN!!!!!

this thing fed over 50 people!!!
Here's the wedding cake that went along with the cabin cake:

This cake was donated to the wife of one of our fallen Navy Seals. He left behind 2 little boys and a lovely wonderful wife that is expecting their 3rd child. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers...........
This cake was made for my nephew that just turned 7, HOW FUN!!!!

This cake went to a local Bridal Boutique for them to taste just in case they wanted to pass my name out there- Pure English

I hope you all have a sweet month, please also visit my facebook page The Icing on the Cake - any maybe hit the "LIKE" button while your visiting!!!!  My latest AD went out last month in the Money Clip Magazine, happily I am booked almost thru january so I will not be running another AD until February, thank you all for your referrals!! I will either see you in class, on facebook or at my home picking up a cake order!!!! :-)

yer cake pal,

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